Luxury Home Maintenance Services

The Importance of Maintaining the Luxury of Your Home

Regular house maintenance is crucial to safe-guarding the value of your home and property. Luxury homes require a regular home maintenance plan in order to help retain home value and condition and there is no better way to achieve this than through preventive maintenance.

Over 20 years of experience in the Building Maintenance Industry with prominent WA Building Companies.

Luxury Home Maintenance Co. specialises in home maintenance:


Specialising in coastal areas and houses adjoining river plains which cause all sorts of property problems including corrosion on metal surfaces (lintels, aluminium windows, stainless steel fittings, lights, metal fencings, door handles, glass panels fittings)


Exposure damage(u.v. radiation, salt, wind, moisture, airborne pollution) eg chalky exterior walls or decking wood deterioration;


Water marks and mold on ceilings caused by roof leaks or condensation;


Unsightly exterior or interior cracks and many other issues caused by a harsh environment.
  • household preventative maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance can be performed every few years. We can inspect all paintwork, wood, metal and any other surface requiring attention.

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  • panting and decoration service

    Painting & Decorating

    Luxury Home Maintenance only uses superior quality products for that perfect colour match that will stand the test of time.

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  • perths only metal corrosion expert

    Metal Corrosion

    The combination of Perth's sun, wind and salt from the ocean and river can cause quick corrosion to metal. We can inspect and repair all metal corrosion.

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  • we can repair wood corrosion

    Wood Damage

    With constant exposure to the sun and salt from the river or ocean, wood can start to fade and crack over the years. We can repair or replace affected items.

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  • cracking and faded render repair

    Render Repair

    Over time render can start to crack or fade. As your new home settles cracking render is a common occurrence. Our attention to detail ensures your repair work is completely invisible.

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  • marble and stone repairs

    Marble Granite& Stone

    Working with marble granite and stone is a very complex skill. We can normally repair any minor damage leaving your bench, wall, or statue with no signs of damage or repairs being done.

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  • balustrade design and decoration


    Luxury Home Maintenance can decorate and restore most internal balustrades and balcony balustrades. We can also repair and renovate any existing structure.

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  • we can replace and install external lighting

    Feature Lighting

    Feature lighting can change the look and feel of your home at night. With a range of luxury and stylish fittings, upgrading your lighting is affordable and helps make your home unique.

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  • internir home design service

    Decorating & Interior Design

    Luxury Home Maintenance can manage all of your interior design needs, from wall papering, to picture hanging, as well as furniture, statues, mirrors, curtains and blinds.

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  • we can clean and remove all metal rust

    Metal Maintenance

    There is nothing worse that dull, scratched or rusted metal features. We can provide cleaning, polishing, restoring, refinishing, maintenance and restoration.

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  • fix cracked walls leaking ceiling

    Walls & Ceiling

    Luxury Home Maintenance are experts at all wall and ceiling repairs, from simple cracks to water damage and re-plastering.

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  • wood sanding and coating

    Wood Finishing

    Transform your outdoor living area by installing cedar roof paneling. We also offer wood finishes to internal features such as stairs and balustrades.

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  • pressure washing for walls and bricks

    Pressure Washing

    High pressure washing can be applied to exterior walls and concrete flooring, paths, walkways, patios and even concrete or stone statues.

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  • decking restoration

    Deck Washing & Sealing

    Exposed to the elements wooden decking can start to fade and splinter. Washing and sealing your wooden decking on a regular basis will ensure you deck looks great and adds value to your home.

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  • leaking roof repairs

    Roof Repairs

    One of the most common problems with roofs is leaking from storms or wear and tear. We can assess the issue, repair the damage and solve the problem from re-occurring.

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  • anti splip epoxy coating

    Antislip Coatings

    Anti-slip coatings can be applied to most surfaces including tiles, terrazzo and polished concrete flooring. These coatings are durable and last for years.

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  • show screen installation

    Tile & Bathroom Repairs

    From shower screen installation, through to grout repair and caulking, we take our time to ensure a quality job every time.

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  • splashback design and installs

    Glass Splash-backs

    Installing a glass splash-back will add instant value to your home and improve the look and feel of your kitchen.

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  • internal door handing

    Door Hanging

    Luxury Home Maintenance specialises in the hanging of both internal, entrance and feature doors.

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  • custom cabinetry perth


    We can design, manufacture and install any cabinets for your home. Our cabinets are all custom designed to your requirements.

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  • solar panel cleaning

    Solar Panel Cleaning

    Over time dirt and dust can build up on your solar panels resulting in a big loss of efficiency. We can clean your panels for maximum performance.

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  • electrical work

    Electrical Work

    Luxury Home Maintenance can provide qualified electricians to help with any major or minor work.

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  • renovation plumbing service

    Plumbing Work

    We use a select few reliable and quality plumbers that are neat and tidy and can assist with new plumbing and upgrades.

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  • home extension project management

    Project Management

    If you are looking at renovating or extending your home we offer a design and project management service.

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We are all about serving your luxury home needs. Whether you need repair or maintenance or simply some professional advice, we are here to help.